More self-developing opportunities provided by ELSA

  • Study Visits

    ELSA groups all over the Europe organise Study Visits in cooperation with other ELSA Groups. Study Visits provide ELSA members with a possibility of visiting ELSA, ALSA, DLSA and ILSA groups in other countries and host other groups in their own country. This opportunity includes the essence of ELSA, sharing of experience between people with different cultural and legal background. Study Visits are based on a practical academic programme that provides participants with an exchange of legal knowledge.

  • Institutional Visits

    Institutional Visits are visits to governmental or non-governmental organisations, public administrations, private institutions, universities or other higher education institutions, where the main purpose of the event is the visit itself. Through these events we give our members opportunity to get to know the work of different types of institutions first hand and benefit from the fact that the trip is completely organised by motivated ELSA Officers.