ELSA International Team Vacancies

The International Board of ELSA is happy to announce the following open Vacancies within the ELSA International Team. If you would like to be part of the team, please apply via the dedicated application form below. Applications are examined on a rolling basis.


The structure and the positions of the Team Members have been adjusted to the needs of the respective areas and the International Board Members. Additionally, the International Board will continue to use cross-functional teams that will be working across all areas of ELSA on specified tasks. The individual description of each position can be found under the respective area within the Vacancies page.

Internal Management
Human Resources

Responsible IB member

Secretary General of the International Board 2023/2024


From appointment – 31st of August 2024


To ensure optimal support for our current and future Officers, it is essential to identify the challenges faced by our current Officers and develop effective strategies to help them. In order to establish clear priorities, we must gather data from National and Local Boards and their respective teams. The Assistant for National Relations will be responsible for overall communication with the National Groups of ELSA. This role involves assisting with any questions and needs (especially regarding Human Resources problems) and identifying ways to solve said problems in teamwork.


  • Contact and communicate with ELSA’s National Groups to proactively identify and address Human Resources challenges they may be encountering;
  • Utilise their past experience, own knowledge and ELSA’s Human Resources Strategy to propose solutions tailored to the specific needs of National Groups;
  • Collaborate closely with the Assistant for Knowledge Management to develop and update an internal “problem database,” ensuring that it reflects the current issues and solutions provided to National Groups.


  • Experience in Human Resources gained through previous roles as a Local or National Officer within ELSA;
  • High responsiveness and excellent communication skills, facilitating productive interactions with the HR Team and the National Groups;
  • Outgoing personality that fosters strong relationships and open communication;
  • Analytical mindset to assess complex HR issues and develop data-driven solutions.


  • Being a part of  ELSA’s community of over 60 000 students from 43 countries;
  • Chance to network with other law students, young professionals, and ELSA Alumni from across Europe;
  • CV experience enrichment;
  • Broader access to ELSA’s member opportunities, such as discounts, preferential scholarships for higher education institutions, and participation in our International projects.


Mild pressure throughout the year (~5-10hr per week). Expected to attend meetings twice a month. 

Please note that online interviews may take place as part of the selection process and that ELSA International reserves the right to not fill the positions for which the applicants don’t bear the necessary qualifications.

For further information and questions, please contact:

Yordan Kyurkchiyski 

Secretary General 

The International Board 2023/2024


  • Please specify the Local or National Group that you are part of.
  • if not applicable, please write 'N/A'.
  • Please use the title specified in the descriptions.
  • Please upload your ELSA CV as pdf.
  • Please explain how your experiences have helped you to develop the necessary skills for the position you are applying for.