ELSA International

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ELSA International is composed of the International Board, the ELSA International Team and the Auditors of ELSA.

The International Board is the supreme executive body of ELSA. It represents the Association and is responsible for its everyday running and management. It also promotes the aims and supervises the fields of activity of ELSA. The International Board comprises eight full-time officers working at the ELSA Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The members of the International Board are elected by the supreme decision-making body of the Association, namely the Council, during its spring meeting for an annual term that starts on August 1st and ends on July 31st of the next year.

team image
Anastasia Kalinina
team image
Narmin Aliyeva
Secretary General
team image
Elena Maglio
team image
Krzysztof Rumpel
Vice President for Marketing
team image
Kerli Kalk
Vice President for Academic Activities
team image
Michelle Goossens
Vice President for ELSA Moot Court Competitions
team image
Deniz Hatemi
Vice President for Seminars & Conferences
team image
Aneta Korcová
Vice President for Student Trainee Exchange Programme
International Team

Due to the fact that the association, with its tens of thousands members and even more people involved, provides various international opportunities for students and young lawyers, the International Board of the European Law Students’ Association needs an extensive international team of motivated officers, who are well prepared to fulfill various tasks and to ensure the functioning of the association on the international level. Therefore, an International Team of ELSA is appointed to work with and provide support to the International Board. The International Team is made up of directors, assistants & various teams.

In charge of projects
Jake Camilleri
Director for Legal Publications
Luiza Zus
Assistant for Human Rights
Elie Sartchami
Assistant for ELSA Negotiation Competitions
Jan Hendrik Greager
Assistant for Seminars and Conferences
Bruno Filipe Lima Monteiro
International Academic Coordinator
Olegs Sedjakins
International Technical Editor
Valentin Van de Walle
International Linguistic Editor
Marilena Zidianaki
International Research Assistant
Ismini Athanasopoulou
International Research Assistant
Antonia Markoviti
International Research Assistant
Kristyna Tranova
Human Resources Coordinator
Georgios Manikas
Director for EMC²
Jozua Ishwardat
Assistant for Panellists
Iulia Madalina Vacar
Assistant for Regional Rounds
Gaia Iappelli
Assistant for Teams
Khayala Abdullazada
Assistant for National and Local Moot Court Competitions
Olga Kompouri
Assistant for National and Local Moot Court Competitions
Konrad Korzeniowski
Director for EHRMCC
Gertrud Metsa
Assistant for Teams in the EHRMCC
Ezgi Yıldız
Director for ELSA Law Schools
Lamprini Koletsi
Assistant for ELSA Law Schools
Lennart Thoms
Assistant for ELSA Law Schools
Aleksandra Zuchowska
Assistant for ELSA Law Schools
İlke Yılmaz
Assistant for ELSA Law Schools
Helene Ducker
Assistant for ELSA Law Schools
Laura Straś
Assistant for ELSA Law Schools
Evgenia Podgorbunskikh
Director for ELSA Delegations
Ecem Kumsal Basyurt
Assistant for ELSA Delegations
Elvin Aliyev
Assistant for ELSA Delegations
Ágnes Verebélyi
Assistant for ELSA Delegations
Magdalena Weglowska
Coordinator for the UN Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)
Anna Wojciechowska
Coordinator for the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)
Valentin Plouchard
Co-ordinator for Human Rights Bodies
Franziska Pauels
Coordinator for UN ECOSOC & UNODC
Janine Rüth
Director for IFP
Alicja Lopacinska
Assistant for IFP
Julia-Katharina Horn
Assistant for IFP
Gabriela Musteata
Director for STEP Coaching
Bartlomiej Kopciuch
STEP Coach
Liza Tsnobiladze
STEP Coach
Essi Noora Sofia Salmela
STEP Coach
Miguel Pereira
Alan Parashkevov
Barlascan Alphan
Assistant for STEP Job Hunting
Jan Schillmöller
Assistant for STEP Job Hunting
In charge of support
Daniel Vella
Director for External Relations
Peter Möckel
Assistant for Internal Management
Sebastian Aguirre
Assistant for International Internal Meetings
Nana Gegia
Assistant for Administration
Andrew Dumbrava
Assistant for IT
Adela Gasiorowska
Director for Handbooks
Filipe Machado
Assistant for Financial Research
Glen Schirling
Assistant for EDF
Karolina Fras
Director for Marketing Development
Dagmara Gawronska
Assistant for Public Relations
Donal Merrick
Joris Digners
Jeroen Salomons
Michail-Angelos Kazoullakis
Malgorzata Janiak
Margot Rumpel
Francesco De Padova

The Auditors of ELSA are divided into internal and external ones.

The Internal Auditors, two Auditors and one Vice Auditor, are elected by the supreme decision-making body of the Association, namely the Council, during its spring meeting for an annual term that starts on August 1st and ends with the approval by the Council of the final accounts they have audited. The Auditors examine the accounts of all revenue and expenditure of ELSA and the financial management of ELSA, according to the generally accepted auditing standards.

Former ELSA International Officers