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Engage with students and young lawyers from all over the world

ELSA engages with thousands of law students and young lawyers all around Europe. We can offer to your company or organise access to this unique customer base, branding, visibility and affiliation with our pan-European student organisation and also the opportunity to attract a future workforce of internationally-minded young, skilled professionals.

“In January 2019, LexisNexis Legal & Professional, a leading global provider of legal, regulatory and business information and analytics that help customers increase productivity, improve decision making and outcomes and advance the Rule of Law around the world, was delighted to come on board as the Legal Technology and Rule of Law Partner of ELSA. Over the course of the year, it has been a pleasure to work with leadership, get to know ELSA better, and especially to have the opportunity to participate in the 2019 ELSA Rule of Law Advocacy Campaign. We look forward to engaging with ELSA and its members in the future, to help further our mission and purpose to advance the Rule of Law around the world.

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“It’s a great pleasure to witness and work closely with every new leadership team at ELSA International. Each year we are continually impressed with the standard and quality delivered, with the key aim to further, grow and strengthen ELSA. Each new team brings something unique and valuable to ELSA international leaving their own stamp at the end of each term. We have observed that the 2019 ELSA team has a particular drive to launch new innovative ideas for the development of ELSA, benefitting both its members and partnerships showing a true sign of an evolving and relevant organisations”.
The Queen Mary University of London

Why work with ELSA
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Our members, from 44 National Groups, represent a whole range of different legal skills, language skills, interpersonal skills, and technical skills. Internationally minded, ELSA members are known for their ambitious drive for continuous development and life-long learning of personal and professional skills.

A new image for your association

Being a partner of ELSA demonstrates your involvement in the future of the youth in Europe. Supporting ELSA is an expression of interest in the possibilities of young people and the added value they bring with them after a successful traineeship, an online legal course, a conference or an ELSA Law School. Providing financial, professional or tangible support for the daily activities of a volunteer student organisation likewise creates a positive public image for your company and brings social recognition and a long-term professional reputation for your brand.

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ELSA is looking for partners that are international in their outlook, scope and operations. We would like to cooperate with companies and organisations that see value in having international, multicultural and multilingual teams working together, much like ELSA. Furthermore, we are looking for partners that wish to support greener and sustainability, as the projects of our association are mobility-driven.