Member Benefits

Member Benefits
Learn some of the benefits ELSA has to offer!

Besides the projects and the community, ELSA offers to you, as an ELSA Member you shall have access to multiple benefits that will enrich your student life!

Learn below about some of the international services we offer you.

Special access to services

By being part of ELSA, you gain access to the services our partners provide, namely at a discounted or free rate.

FlixMobility is a global mobility provider, offering new alternatives for convenient, affordable, and environmentally friendly travel via FlixBus and FlixTrain networks. FlixMobility has since 2013 changed the way people have traveled throughout Europe and today you can choose your route from their extensive network of over 400,000 daily connections to over 2,500 destinations in 35 European countries. In 2018 FlixMobility launched the first green long-distance trains as well as pilot projects for all-electric buses in France.

By being a member of ELSA, you gain access to 10% discount coupons on your Flixbus travels, as well as 15% discount coupons on your Flixtrain travels. If you want to have access to this benefit, fill out this form.

Storytel is the leading audiobook subscription streaming service in Northern Europe – and we aspire to be the global market leader in storytelling. We offer 500K+ audiobooks and e-books to over 1.5M customers in 25+ markets – and expect to launch the service in several new markets in the coming years. Storytel is a public listed company (Nasdaq First North) with a market cap of 995 million USD and has 700+ employees across the world. Audiobook publisher since 2013 through Storyside, a wholly owned publishing company, that produces thousands of audiobooks per year in most of Storytel’s markets and in 27+ different languages.

By being a member of ELSA, you gain a 30 day free trial to Storytel’s services. If you want this benefit, fill out this form.

Freeletics is the #1 fitness app in Europe, offering hyper-personalized, AI-powered fitness and mindset coaching to build lasting habits and reach long-term health and fitness goals. It guides people along their journey of holistic self-development by putting a digital personal coach in their pocket, providing them with the perfect workout plan and educational, motivational audio courses.

By being a member of ELSA, you gain a 20% discount on Freeletics’s services. If you want to have access to this benefit, fill out this form. proofreads and edits your work to ensure it is the best version of what you want to say. In addition to the basic corrections of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, they also perform edits to make sure that the theme and context of your content are clear, the flow and transition are natural, and the terminology is relevant; as it would be for a native English speaker.

By being a member of ELSA, you gain free access to’s services

Listening is a better way to read. With Speechify’s Text to Speech technology, over 7 million students have been able to turn any textual information like articles, books, or emails into interactive audiobooks so that they can consume their reading materials much faster (think speeds of 2x, 3x, etc) and retain more information. Check out for additional details.

By being a member of ELSA, you gain free access to Speechify’s services. If you want to have access to this benefit, fill out this form.

Diversity Travel offers bespoke travel management services to clients within the charity, academic and non-profit sectors, serving over 1500 clients. With access to exclusive charity rates and airfares, the company recognises the importance of improving value, increasing flexibility and a focused effort on sustainability.

By being a member of ELSA, you gain access to Diversity Travel’s services in your ELSA-related travels.

Enhancv helps talented people create resumes they feel proud of. It is modern and people remember it. The tool guides you every step of the process so you can highlight your achievements, attitude, and personality.
Best of all? It is fun and easy.

By being a member of ELSA, you have a 50% discount on Enhancv’s services. If you want to have access to these benefits, visit this page.

HousingAnywhere has rooms and apartments available in hundreds of cities in Europe. Whether you are accepted abroad for an exchange programme, an internship or simply would like to go abroad and live like a local, you can book your new home on HousingAnywhere with a few clicks. It’s safe and efficient.
ELSA and HousingAnywhere are now partners, meaning that you can get a Premium profile that will help you in your search. To get your Premium profile sign-up here.

By being a member of ELSA, you gain access to Housing Anywhere’s services.

As law students and young lawyers, education and developing our legal skills is part of our daily lives. For that reason, by being part of ELSA, you may be able to get access to courses at discounted or free to access rates.

Special access to courses

Europrivacy is the data protection certification scheme developed through the H2020 European Research Programme to certify conformity with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and complementary national regulations. Through the Europrivacy Academy, it provides comprehensive training to the interested in obtaining an official certification in assessing and certifying compliance of data processing activities with the GDPR and national regulations.

By being a member of ELSA, you can apply to get free access to Europrivacy’s courses. If you want to have access to this benefit, fill out this form.

CBL International is an experienced international education provider with a real passion for global students’ education. It offers academic study abroad courses, executive seminars, summer institutes, and summer schools for international students and professionals as well as tailor-made programmes for universities, law schools, business schools, and faculties of economics, philosophy, international relations, international politics, and language as well as cultural studies.

By being a member of ELSA, you have a 20% discount on the summer courses provided by CBL International. If you want to know more, visit this page.

Scholarships for master programmes

By joining the ELSA Network, you also get the opportunity to continue your studies in highly prestigious Universities in Europe through the scholarship programmes established between ELSA and its partner Universities.

Católica Global School of Law of Universidade Católica Portuguesa (UCP) in Lisbon is a global centre of teaching and research, bringing together top European and American faculty and a bright and diverse international group of students.

As an ELSA member, you can apply for a full scholarship for Católica’s LL.M. Programmes. Learn more about the ELSA Scholarship and how to apply here.

Today, your education must go beyond the classroom. At IE Law School, you will enjoy an immersive, clinical approach to legal studies which reflects the reality of today’s world.

Online application for the 2022/2023 academic year is now open. ELSA and IE Law School are offering three scholarships up to 30% for the 2022/2023 intake. Learn more about the ELSA-IE Law School Scholarships here.

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