We have prepared a compilation of fundraisers, sources of information as well as guides and links to request asylum.

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Enhance your legal knowledge

Are you interested in a specific field of law? ELSA Law Schools are a perfect tool to acquire an extra-university legal knowledge on the topic of your interest. Want more? Experience the process of international decision-making in Vienna, Geneva, New York and in more cities via ELSA Delegations!

Improve your legal skills

Challenge your legal skills and become the best in a specific field of law through our Legal Research Groups and Moot Court Competitions! Enrich your CV and show your true potential to your future employers.

Work with the best

Do your practice throughout Europe and work in the best law firms by applying for the Student Trainee Exchange Programme; a promising project for decades.

Our organisation

The Vision and Purpose of ELSA is our driving force. Since its inception in 1981, ELSA went through a long way filled with numerous accomplishments.

Our characteristics
  • Driven students and young lawyers
    Meet those who want to get more out of their legal education.

    Students and young lawyers enrolled in ELSA are seeking for excellence. They are not afraid to challenge their legal skills and are willing to invest their free time into the improvement of their knowledge.

  • International environment
    Members from more than 43 countries.

    Ever thought of collaborating with foreigners? ELSA membership will provide you with the opportunity to work on projects throughout Europe with people of multiple nationalities.

  • Professional lawyers
    Meet your potential future employers.

    Interested in discussing various legal problems with leading European legal experts? Would you wish to get in contact with diplomats or to get employed by prominent corporate law firms? Participate in our projects and meet professional lawyers.

  • Members only opportunities
    Some of our activities are provided only for ELSA members.

    Get access to premium projects, available only for ELSA Members. Have you ever thought of being a delegate in WIPO, UNCITRAL or in other UN bodies? With ELSA, this is a reality!

  • Membership discounts
    Enjoy various discounts.

    Tight budget? Being a member of ELSA entitles you to several discounts, such as significantly reduced fees for ELSA Law Schools.

  • Be a part of the vision
    Join us in our shared goals.

    “A just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity.” ELSA vision since 1991.

To sum up
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Learn more about ELSA and benefits, which are of the biggest a law students’ association can provide. ELSA is an international non-profit making, non-political and independent association, run by and for students like you!

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