IE Law School

Don't put your education on hold

Thanks to our Liquid Learning Model, a revolutionary educational experience developed by IE, students will be provided with meaningful, interactive and top-quality classes no matter where they are.

So, whether it’s online, offline, synchronous, asynchronous, in Madrid or anywhere else in the world, our Hybrid Class model gives students the freedom to flow between environments and situations. This model makes the IE Experience accessible to every one by bringing together curricular and extracurricular activities, cognitive and emotional approaches and active and reflective learning, seamlessly blending them in a transformational educational experience.

IE has the platforms and assistance needed to complete your application process entirely online. In addition, we remain committed to helping you to find the best financial solution that suits best your profile and economic needs.

Reinventing legal education

For years, ELSA and IE Law School have been working closely through an of successful cooperation on a shared vision of innovative legal education.

IE Law School is committed to training next-gen lawyers and legal professionals who are capable of navigating today’s dynamic environment. Its world-class international faculty and innovative teaching methodologies ensure students to succeed at the intersection of law, technology and business.
We invite you to explore the school and the LL.M.s, which IE offers ELSA members a scholarship for up to 30%:

LL.M. in International Business Law
A practice-oriented LL.M., with a strong focus on M&A and International Business Transactions, Legal Project Management, Contract Drafting, Negotiation and Arbitration.

Master in Global Corporate Compliance
A programme that will help you develop a sophisticated understanding of the international legal framework, business ethics and compliance strategies from a global perspective.

Master in Legal Tech
A one-of-a-kind degree designed to empower the lawyers, entrepreneurs and professionals of tomorrow. The program combines four main blocks: Law for Tech, Tech for Law, Digital Business and Digital Skills and Management.

The ELSA scholarships

ELSA and IE Law School are offering three scholarships up to 30% for the next intake. One scholarship for each Master’s degree. The scholarships are offered for the current intake: LL.M. in International Business Law, starting this October and the Master in Legal Tech and Master in Global Corporate Compliance (LL.M./MSL), starting next March. 

To apply for the scholarships you should start the admissions process through the following links:

LL.M. in International Business Law

Master in Legal Tech

Master in Global Corporate Compliance 

Because of the partnership established between IE Law School and ELSA, special attention will be given on the admission decision process to all applications referred by ELSA.