IE Law School

Unmatched as a transformational journey

IE Law School is committed through the impact of its research and the
excellence in the practice of the legal profession of its graduates to contribute to the ideals of Justice and the Rule of Law building its promise on the solid
foundation of IE University’s Key Pillars.

IE Law School’s Comparative Law approach to legal education is innovative, global
and addresses the need for future-forward legal professionals in a changing legal
landscape. By comparing different legal systems, students gain an understanding
of the different dynamics of international law to become well-rounded lawyers
capable of working across global borders.

IE Law School has the platforms and assistance needed to complete your
application process entirely online. In addition, we remain committed to helping
you find a financial solution that best suits your profile and economic needs.

Reinventing legal education

ELSA and IE Law School have enjoyed years of successful collaboration, working closely together to realise a shared vision of innovative legal education.

IE Law School is committed to training next-gen lawyers and legal professionals who are capable of navigating today’s dynamic environment. A world-class international faculty and innovative teaching methodologies prepare students to succeed at the intersection of law, technology and business.

We invite you to explore the school and the program, for which IE offers ELSA members a scholarship of up to 30%:

Master of Laws (LL.M.)
The Master of Laws (LL.M.) goes above and beyond examination of a single legal system to give lawyers the global knowledge and skills they need in the modern legal landscape. Designed with T-shaped professionals in mind, students can either gain a general LL.M. or choose one of three key specialisations:

International Business Law: Gain a theoretical, practical and commercial understanding of business law using real-life cross-border case studies.

International Dispute Resolution: Learn to deal strategically with cross-border litigation, parallel proceedings or international insolvency cases.

Intellectual Property and Technology Law: Delve into the legal, ethical and technical challenges associated with this part of a transforming legal landscape.

International Taxation: Study a complete overview of the international economic, tax and technological worlds, to develop, structure and confidently manage taxation strategy.

The ELSA scholarships

ELSA and IE Law School are offering three scholarships up to 30% for the next intake of the Master of Laws (LL.M.).

To apply for the scholarships, you should start the admissions process here. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis but places in each intake are limited, we recommend you apply as soon as possible.

Because of the partnership established between IE Law School and ELSA, special attention will be given on the admission decision process to all applications referred by ELSA.