Homes for Ukraine

What does the “Homes for Ukraine” scheme consist of?

The United Kingdom has created the “Homes for Ukraine” scheme to welcome Ukrainians and their immediate family members into the country. This scheme will give Ukrainians and their families leave to remain in the UK for 3 years with access to work, benefits and public services, including healthcare and education. For further information, please click here

Who can apply?

All Ukrainian nationals or immediate family members of a Ukrainian national who were resident in Ukraine prior to 1 January 2022 are eligible for this scheme. To apply, individuals need a sponsor in the UK willing to fill out the relevant documents with them and accommodate them.

How will we help?

ELSA is working with Refugee Roots in order to facilitate the process of “matching”. By filling out the form below, individuals will be matched and placed in contact with volunteers in the United Kingdom that are willing to become sponsors.

Notice of Service:

ELSA International and Refugee Roots cannot take responsibility for the suitability of matches, and volunteers and those seeking a host undertake matching at their own risk. Only the support outlined by the government for those in the scheme can be relied upon. ELSA International and Refugee Roots will not be providing support in the hosting process; we will only be making the links necessary for the Homes for Ukraine scheme.