ELSA Training


 ELSA Training is a project through which ELSA  contributes to the personal and professional development of law students and young lawyers.
ELSA Training promotes the organisation of sessions delivered by trainers who aim at enhancing the soft skills of the participants.

What is a training session?

 A training session is delivered by a trainer on a specific topic.
The aim is that the participants acquire new skills, or further practise the ones they have already obtained.
The trainer provides the participants with the theoretical knowledge they need, and then prepares exercises for practical implementation.
Through a training session, people can develop their self-awareness, improve their intrapersonal and interpersonal competences, as well as gain knowledge and expertise.

The International Trainers' Pool

The International Trainers’ Pool (ITP) is a team of trainers comprised mostly of former experienced ELSA members and officers coming from different countries.
The members of the ITP are the trainers who travel around the whole ELSA Network to deliver training sessions according to the requests of the ELSA Groups.
Currently, there are 36 ITP Trainers.

Ask for an ITP Trainer!

 If your ELSA Group is interested in organising a training session or training event of more than one session for its officers and/or members, you may fill in the ITP Training Request.
The ITP Training Request includes questions about the topic of the session, the materials provided as well as the contact details of the ELSA Group.
The ITP Trainers are ready to receive your requests!


Agility is the training publication of ELSA.
It incorporates information on ELSA Training, articles from the ITP Trainers and externals, testimonials from people having organised or having participated in an ELSA Training session or event.
What makes Agility special is that it includes practical advice and tips on various topics, much like a short but concrete training on paper.


Are you still thinking about it?
Some people having attended, organised or delivered a training session have shared their opinions and experiences.
Feel free to read them and get inspired!

Questions or Need for Financial Support?

Do not hesitate to contact the Secretary General of the International Board of ELSA, Akvile Jurkaityte, at secgen@elsa.org:

  • in case you have any questions regarding ELSA Training, or
  • in case you need financial support to organise a training session or event and, therefore, plan to submit an application to the ELSA Development Foundation (EDF).
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