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About the Synergy Magazine

The Synergy Magazine is ELSA’s biannual members’ magazine, of which around 10,000 copies are printed and distributed in more than 350 law faculties and institutions all around Europe.


Synergy’s history traces back to 1987, when it was released as the first printed newsletter «ELSA Synergy». Two years later, in 1989, Synergy was upgraded to an international members’ magazine and renamed to «Synergy Magazine».


Synergy is a high quality, high profile, full colour publication consisting of current topics related to both ELSA and law. The Synergy Magazine focuses on various Human Rights related issues, most relevant developments on the international level as well as the experiences of ELSA members attending and organising events. The articles are contributions from students, young and experienced lawyers as well as academics.

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Check the latest issue on the topic of «65 Years On; the Impact the European Convention on Human Rights» (№64, I - 2018)
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