About ELSA Day

ELSA Day was held for first time on the 20th of March 2013. This was the first time in the ELSA history when the entire ELSA Network was working together to realise a unique Human Rights forum, to discuss International and European standards of protection and implementation of human rights.

It succeeded in realising a unique Human Rights forum of coordinated ELSA Day events where the Network discussed national and international standards of protections and implementation of Human Rights. The forum was united under the banner “all different, all together, the idea falling back on ELSA’s Vision.

Since then we have continued to jointly demonstrate our Human Rights Commitment by providing legal education opportunities, which enable law students to be independent and critical members of society every year.

The 8th edition of ELSA Day will take place on the 27th of November 2019. This time the focus will be on Freedom of Expression Online.  Stay tuned for more information about all the extraordinary events that will soon take place!

The initiative of ELSA Day

On the 27th of November 2019, the ELSA Network is once again organising events in accordance with our commitment to human rights! 

The aim of the ELSA Day is to jointly demonstrate our human rights engagement by providing our members with legal education opportunity which enables them to be independent and critically minded individuals.

As part of the first edition of the ELSA Day, ELSA International organised the ELSA for Children Panel Discussion in the European Parliament, Brussels. For the second edition, the International Board organised the Panel Discussion in the European Parliament on Human Rights on the Internet and ELSA’s Legal Research  Group on Online Hate Speech was presented. For the 5th, 6th and 7th editions ELSA International held a Webinar on the ELSA Day topic together with the Council of Europe.

Moreover, during the 7 past editions, students have organised moot court competitions, panel discussions, legal debates, institutional visits, trainings and other activities all over the Network on the local and national level.

ELSA Day Campaign

For us, students and young lawyers from the European Law Students’ Association, ELSA Day is a worldwide celebration, which focuses every year on different aspects of Human Rights. This year we decided to tell people more about Freedom of Expression Online – which is such an important topic nowadays.



For the 6th anniversary edition of the ELSA Day we wanted to contribute in a special way of raising awareness about the ELSA Day events. Thus, an ELSA Day Campaign is launched under the title “Access to justice beyond borders”. For the 7th edition of ELSA Day, the Campaign was continued focussing on “Right to Education”. This year we highlight Freedom of Expression Online by, inter alia, a Network wide video, a survey, the ELSA Day Webinar and a Legal Research Group.

How to get involved
  • Be a participant

     Please contact your Local and National ELSA Group.

  • Be an organiser


    Contribute to one of the main objectives of ELSA by organising an event focused on Human Rights and join the competition for the best ELSA Day event.


    See the 8th Edition ELSA Day Outline.