About ELSA Day

The ELSA Day was held for first time on the 20th of March 2013. This was the first time in the ELSA history when the entire ELSA Network was working together to realise a unique Human Rights forum, to discuss International and European standards of protection and implementation of human rights.

The forum consisted of coordinated ELSA events falling back on ELSA’s vision and with the slogan “all different, all together”. The second, the third the fourth editions and of the ELSA Day had a special focus on Human Rights on Internet, Social Responsibility and Gender Equality respectively.

The fifth anniversary edition of the ELSA Day is on the 30th of November 2016. This time the emphasis is set on the various aspects of Migration Law. Stay tuned for more information about all the extraordinary events that will soon take place.

Join us!

The initiative of ELSA Day

On the 25th of November 2015, 145 human rights events took place all around the ELSA Network. On the 30th of November 2016 the ELSA Network  is organising  events in accordance with our commitment to human rights once again!

The aim of the ELSA Day is to jointly demonstrate our human rights engagement by providing our members legal education opportunity which enables them to be independent and critically minded individuals.

During the three past editions, students have organised moot court competitions, panel discussions, legal debates, institutional visits, trainings and other activities.

As part of the first edition of the ELSA Day, ELSA International organised the ELSA for Children Panel Discussion in the European Parliament, Brussels. For the second edition, the International Board organised the Panel Discussion in the European Parliament on Human Rights on the Internet and ELSA’s Legal Research  Group on Online Hate Speech was presented.

ELSA Day Campaign

For us, students and young lawyers from the European Law Students’ Association, ELSA Day is a worldwide celebration, which focuses every year on different aspects of Human Rights. This year we decided to tell people more about migration law – which is such a commented topic nowadays.



This year is also a special one. For the 5th anniversary edition of the ELSA Day we wanted to contribute in a special way to raising awareness about the ELSA Day events. Thus, an ELSA Day Campaign is launched. The Campaign will go under the title “I spread the word about migration law education”.



The aim of our campaign is simple – we want to raise awareness of migration law educational possibilities that would be held in a form of peculiar lectures, round tables, panel discussions and more organised by the whole ELSA Network.



Additionally, a very special event is going to be held during the ELSA Day – the first ever ELSA Webinar in our history! It is so important for us, because the core of all regulations connected to migration should be a human being. So, having this in mind, we want to help people understand how important it is and raise their curiosity about migration law.



Join our campaign by publishing your own photo with a special frame on it with the following caption:


Over 150 events related to the migration law education, one of which will be the first in history ELSA Webinar, are going to happen all over the ELSA Network on the 30th of November 2016! This way we are contributing to raising the knowledge on migration law!


Find out more about such events and join the ELSA Day Campaign at elsa.org/elsa-day


#alldifferentalltogether #migrationlaw



We really hope that you join us and we will celebrate this day together!



Download template with a frame here
How to get involved
  • Be a participant

     See the list of planned to be organised 5th Edition ELSA Day events bellow.

  • Be an organiser


    Contribute to one of the main objectives of ELSA by organising an event focused on Human Rights and join the competition for the best ELSA Day event.


    See the attached Outline of the 5th Edition of the ELSA Day

                                    5th Edition ELSA Day Academic Guideline

List of events planned to be organised

Tirana – Human rights and state sovereignty as the main pillars of international migration law – Panel Discussion

Minsk – Rights of refugees vs. Possibilities of states in the sphere of Human rights – Academic Competition – Faculty of International Relations, Leningradskaja 20, room 1118

Osijek – Human Rights Stand – Informational Event – Faculty of Law in Osijek/ Students’ center, Osijek


Rijeka – Human Rights Stand – Informational Event – Faculty of Law in Rijeka/ Students’ center, Rijeka


Split – Human Rights Stand – Informational Event – Faculty of Law in Split/ Students’ center, Split


Zagreb – Human Rights Stand – Informational Event – Faculty of Law in Zagreb/ Students’ center, Zagreb


Zagreb – Migration Law Conference: Past experiences & perspectives for Croatia and its european surrounding – Conference – Hall of University, University of Zagreb

Tartu – ELSA DAY – migration of the people 21.century style – Panel Discussion – Naiiv


Tartu/Tallinn – ELSA Day: Let’s talk about migration – Campaign/ Lecture/ Tea Time


Tallinn – Modern slavery – slavery is closer than you think – Panel Discussion – Chancellor of Justice

Bayreuth – Refugee tent of UN Refugee Help – Charity Event/ Presentation of organisations – Bayreuth


Berlin – The current situation of refugees and the European and German asylum law system – Lecture – Freie Universität Berlin


Bremen – Ban on face covering within the European Union – a conflict between human rights and state security – Pannel Discussion – University of Bremen


Frankfurt am Main – ELSA-Talk Integration – Panel Discussion


Halle – ELSA Day – Migration Law – Lecture/ Human Library – Martin-Luther-Universität Halle (Saale)


Kiel – Asylum and Migration Law from an interdisciplinary perspective – Seminar/Lecture/Workshop – Kiel University


Mannheim – 3 Cities, 2 Countries, 1 Topic: Human Rights – Access to Justice/ Institutional Visit – Mannheim, Freiburg, Straßbourg

Benevento – Analysis of the migrants arrivals: rescue, disembarkation and integration – Seminar/ Charity Event – Università degli Studi del Sannio – Benevento


Bologna – MIGRAtion – Workshop


Brescia – Protection of migrants’ rights: problems and prospects – Conference – University of Brescia, Department of Law


Catania – Unaccompanied Foreign Minors – Panel Discussion


Lecce – Illegal hiring and fundamental rights of immigrants – Seminar – Facoltà di Giurisprudenza


Modena – Migration Law, between Human Rights and Cultural Diversity – Panel Discussion – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Law Department


Milan – Break into Migration Law – Charity Event – Caritas Ambrosiana


Naples – The new challenges of Human Rights – Conference – University of Naples “Federico II”


Naples – Migration and human rights: two sides of the same coin – Conference – Second University of Naples, Santa Maria Capua Vetere


Padova – ELSA meets Avvocato di Strada Onlus – Workshop/ Access to Justice – Palazzo del Bo

Pisa – Schengen Treaty and the European crisis of migration- Tea Time – Literary cafè

Rome – Inside the asylum – Institutional Visit – Cara di Castel Nuovo di Porto (Reception centre for asylum seekers)

Salerno – Migration Law: Right to be protected – Panel Discussion – Università di Salerno, Dipartimento di Scienze giuridiche. Campus di Fisciano (SA)

Siena – Immigration law: blanding cultures – Workshop – Via Martin Luther King 29, Pianella 53019 Castel Nuovo Berardenga

Trieste – Migration Law: a journey – Film screening/ Discussion – University of Trieste

Valletta – UoM- University of Migration – Human Library/ Exhibition

Minho – North Korea- Migration Law or Migration Problems? – Panel Discussion – University of Minho – Braga

 Saint Petersburg – Integration of Migrants in the Russian Society -Panel Discussion – Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg

Spain (national) – Migrants are Humans – Publication


Alicante – The right to Asylum: the reality of life in a refugee camp – Conference – University of Alicante


Barcelona (UB) – Migració, Una nova mirada – Centre Civic Barceloneta, Barcelona


Barcelona (UPF) – El dret d’asil: privilegi que concedeix l’Estat o dret humà – Conference – Barcelona


Deusto – Environmental refugees – Conference – Donostia-San Sebastian


Madrid – 5th ELSA Day Stories – Video Campaign/ Charity Event – ICADE University, Madrid


Valencia – Borders & rights- Migration experiences and their respective rights – Cultural Diversity – Campus Tarogners, Universitat de València

Istanbul – Human Library – Istanbul Bilgi University



Izmir – Raise Your Future – Exhibition – Izmir University of Economics



Ankara – Refugees’ Status: on Law Perspective and Refugees’ eyes – Conference/Panel Discussion – Union of Turkish Barr Association Litai Hotel, Balgat/Ankara/TURKEY

Yerevan – Reforms of asylum law and policy in the Republic of Armenia – Lecture/ Workshop/ Discussion

Nicosia – Immigration law in Greece and Cyprus – Conference

Helsinki – Evening of Human Rights – Seminar/ Lecture/ Workshop – Headquarters of the Finnish League of Human Rigths


Joensuu – ELSA Day – Course/ Panel Discussion – University of Eastern Finland


Turku – Legal Status of Asylum Seekers in Finland & Charity Wall-Climbing – Seminar – University of Turku


Rovaniemi – Refugee law – Seminar – University of Lapland

Athens – The Child in Migration Law – Workshop/ Academic Competition/ Charity Event/ Institutional Visit – Ceremony Hall of the Athens Bar Association


Komotini – Debating on Refugee Crisis: The future of immigration, the fundanmental rights and policies – Conference/ Academic Competition – Democritus University of Thrace


Thessaloniki – Legal Debate on the topic of: “The application of the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees as far as persons accused for political crimes in state of origin are concerned”, 2)L@W at the IOM Office in Thessaloniki – Academic Competition – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki – L@W at the IOM Office in Thessaloniki

Riga – Asylum seekers and persons in need of international protection – Lecture/ Discussion – Conference hall, Faculty of Law, University of Latvia

Belgrade – Closed border: solution or another problem –  Cultural Diversity/ Academic Competition/ Survey – Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade


Belgrade – Tea time – Tea Time/ Cultural Diversity

Linköping – Migration law – Seminar/Lecture/Workshop – Linköpings University


Lund – World in motion: The asylum process in Sweden – Study Visit/Institutional Visit – The Migration Court, Malmö, Sweden


Uppsala – From Syria to Stockholm – Panel Discussion, Charity Event – Uppsala University

Chernivtsi –  “The Way Home” – Charity Event – Cultural Centre “Vernisage”, Chernivtsi


Irpin – Migration crisis in the EU: Protection of people’s rights – Panel Discussion – USFSU, Irpin


Kharkiv – Rights of refugees and internally displaced persons, and their realization in Ukraine – Tea time, Human Library – Co-working space Spalah, Kharkiv


Lviv – The Guarantees of the International Displaced People’s Rights: legislative confirmation and implementation status – University of Lviv


Odesa – Migration: law.practice.life – Panel Discussion, Cultural Diversity


Poltava – Rights of migrants children – Seminar/Lecture/Workshop – Poltava

Linz – Migaration and human rights in a difficult political situation – Panel Discussion – Johannes Kepler University Linz


Graz – One year refugee crisis in Europe – Panel Discussion

Brno – How to deal with refugees – Panel Discussion


Brno – Movies seminar – Seminar


Brno – Quiz night – Tea Time


Brno  – Citizenship of refugees and how to get Czech citizenship – Seminar


Brno – Institutional Visit to Public Defender of Rights


Olomouc – Moot Court Competition on Migration law


Olomouc – Movie night: Cruise


Olomouc – Exhibition of stories and photographs


Olomouc – Charity collection – Charity Event


Olomouc – Migration law in theory and practise – Panel Discussion


Prague – Institutional Visit to refugee accepting center – Ruzyně


Prague – Legal writing – asylum procedures in the Czech Republic – Academic Competition

Paris – Migrant law in Europe, meeting with witnesses – Conference/ Human Library


Montpellier – Immigration: let’s talk about it – Panel Discussion/ Legal Breakfast/ Video Interview


Orléans – Europe and Brexit – Lecture


Strasbourg – Students and professionals legal debate on Migration Law – Academic Competition/ Conference – University of Strasbourg


Toulouse –  A Week celebrating ELSA Day – Access to Justice/ Charity Event/ Closing Ceremony

Budapest – Children Left Behind


Györ – ELSA Coffee: Asylum law in Hungary – Tea time


Pécs – ELSA Good to know: Asylum procedure in Hungary – Tea Time/ Lecture

Vilnius – ELSA for human rights – Informational Event/ Conference – Vilnius University

Bratislava – Migration Crisis in the Context of the Slovak Presidency – Conference – Comenius University in Bratislava


Trnava – Migration Law in the context of the Refugee crisis – Seminar – The University of Trnava

Aberdeen – Democratic issues arising in the aftermath of the Brexit Referendum – Panel Discussion – University of Aberdeen


Essex – Institutional Visit – House of Pairlament


Kent – HR and Migration Law – Seminar/Lecture/Workshop – University of Kent, Canterbury


Leicester – ELSA Documentary Day – Film screening/ Discussion –  Leicester Law School, University of Leicester


Nottingham – Migration Law  – Panel Discussion – Law and Social Sciences, University Park Campus, Nottingham

Baku – Legal Debate – Academic Competition

Sofia – Human Trafficking Seminar – Seminar/ Discussion

Copenhagen – Debate on aspects of Migration Law – Panel Discussion – The Faculty of Law in Copenhagen

Tbilisi – Human Rights in context of Migration – Conference – Public conference room


Tbilisi – Labour Migration – Panel Discussion – Tbilisi State University


Batumi – Migration – humans aim to seek BETTER?! – Film Screeing – Library

Luxembourg – Clothing drive for migrants in Luxembourg – Charity Event

Białystok – Imigration law in practise – Workshop


Gdansk – Immigrants and refugees – Panel Discussion – Faculty of Law and Administration Bazynskiego 6, Gdansk


Katowice – What are the boundaries of smuggling? – Lecture/ Film Screening – University of Silesia


Kraków – The immigrants are knocking on the door- the story from different parts of the world… – Workshop/ Film Screening – The Jagiellonian University in Krakow


Łódź – All together in diversity – Panel Discussion/ Charity Event – Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Lodz


Poznań – About migration. Between us – Lecture – Law and administration faculty, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań


Rzeszów – The Legal situation of refugees and immigrants in Poland –  Panel Discussion


Warsaw – The situation of the Ukrainian population in Poland – Panel Discussion – University of Warsaw


Wrocław – The dialogue brings the risk of understanding – Panel Discussion/ Human Library/ Charity Event

Braşov – Migration and social integration – Tea Time


Bucharest – Essay Contest “The border: the premise of positive discrimination” – Academic Competition


Bucharest – Migration law/ Refugees rights – Lecture


Bucharest – Debate “The immigration: who wants what?” – Academic Competition


Bucharest – STEP Perspectives


Bucharest – Movie night


Bucharest – Poster Contest


Cluj-Napoca – Unite the nation, support migration – Panel Discussion/ Academic Competition


Constanța – The immigrant issue in Romania – Panel Discussion


Craiova – The story behind the migration phenomenon – Human Library


Galați – The Flow of Refugees: between abuse and help – Workshop


Oradea – The impact of immigrants on Europe – Tea Time


Sibiu – Migration- defense or attack? – Panel Discussion/ Lecture


Suceava – Legal challenges in the fight against terrorism – Tea Time


Târgu Mureș – Immigrants: Rights and obligations, adjustment and cohabitation – Panel Discussion


Timișoara – It’s not about immigration, it’s about integration – Panel Discussion/ Human Library


Ljubljana – Legal and Economic Aspects of Migration – Seminar/Lecture/Workshop – University of Ljubljana

The Netherlands (National) – ELSA Day – The Challenges of Migration – Panel Discussion – DLA Piper, Amsterdam

Amsterdam – Economic migration of European citizens within the EU – Seminar/Lecture/Workshop – University of Amsterdam

Groningen – Meet refugees and learn about their lives – Seminar/Lecture/Workshop

Maastricht – ELSA Day in cooperation with the Refugee Project Maastricht – InnBetween, Maastricht, 11th of November 2016

Nijmegen – Study Visit/Institutional Visit – Radboud University, Nijmegen

Utrecht – Immigration Law – Seminar/Lecture/Workshop – Janskerkhof, Utrecht

Tilburg – Migration Law: The Road to Europe – Seminar/Lecture/Workshop – University of Tilburg