ELSA Alumni

Stay connected with the ELSA Alumni community after finishing your ELSA career!

Since its creation in 1981, being part of the ELSA community has touched the lives of thousands of law students from over 40 different countries. For most Alumni, ELSA was and continues to be a defining moment in their personal and professional development. ELSA Alumni offers former ELSA members the opportunity to maintain and expand the relationships they developed in ELSA and to continue growing as individuals and as professionals.

Why join the ELSA Alumni Network?

ELSA Alumni is a unique global network that brings together a diverse group of people from all walks of life, from different generations and different career levels. Our members include CEOs, government officials, business leaders, bankers, NGO leaders, officials working for international institutions, diplomats, lawyers, judges, academics, entrepreneurs, executives and business angels.

Becoming a member of the global ELSA Alumni community will enable you to:

  • expand your network – connect to a diverse network of professionals and leaders across sectors.
  • share business opportunities – find trusted partners and expand your activities.
  • find jobs and recruit talent – use the job and trainee fair to further your development.
  • grow through coaching – get support from leaders and help others grow and benefit from your insights.
  • Continue supporting the talent, activities and vision of ELSA.
  • Continue advocating for a just world.
Membership in ELSA Alumni
  • Who can join ELSA Alumni?

    The main criteria to be admitted as a member of ELSA Alumni is to have been a member of the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) either at local, national or international level.

  • What is the vision of ELSA Alumni?

    ELSA Alumni connects promotes a just world in which there is respect for human dignity and cultural diversity. Collectively we aim to make the world a better place by leading by example through:

    • Actively advocating for a just world and inspiring others to do so.
    • Inspiring others in a community of like-minded peers.
    • Helping ethical, impactful leaders to grow, develop and be recognised.
    • Giving back by supporting the vision, activities and talent of ELSA.
How to become a member of ELSA Alumni?

To join, you must complete the membership application form via ELSA Alumni Online https://elsaalumni.org/join-elsa-alumni/ Upon registration and payment of your first year of membership fee, you immediately receive access to the members’ only platform.

How can ELSA National & Local Groups contact National Alumni Groups and individuals?

ELSA Austria Alumni
Email: diralumni@elsa-austria.org


ELSA Azerbaijan Alumni Society
Email: President.alumni@az.elsa.org
Website: www.elsa.az/alumninetwork


Alumni Network of ELSA Belgium
Email: President.alumni@be.elsa.org


ELSA Alumni Finland
Website: www.fi.elsa.org/en/alumni
Email: president.alumni@fi.elsa.org


ELSA Alumni Club Georgia
Email: alumni@ge.elsa.org


ELSA Alumni Deutschland (EAD)
Website: www.elsaalumni.de
Email: president@elsaalumni.de


ELSA Ireland Alumni Network
Email: alumni@ie.elsa.org


Seniorzy ELSA Poland
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SeniorzyELSAPoland
Email: secgen@elsa.org.pl

United Kingdom

Website: elsa-uk.org/alumni
Email: alumni@uk.elsa.org

Contact us.

ELSA Groups can stay close to their alumni by inviting them to offer their knowledge, expertise and advice to the next generations, to attend or address ELSA events and activities, to become trainers and deliver trainings on soft or ELSA skills, to network with other alumni during social events.

If you are looking for ELSA Alumni in your country, please contact the Board of Directors of ELSA Alumni: info@elsaalumni.org