Stay involved after finishing your ELSA career

During its history starting in 1981, ELSA has embraced a lot of individuals who adopted its vision and believed in its goals around the European continent. Today, these people are not anymore actively participating in projects or the administration, but constitute a big network that ELSA is proud to call alumni.

Who is an Alumni?
  • Individual Alumni

    Is a former member or officer of the association on either of the three levels (local, national, international). As soon as the active involvement in ELSA is over, one is considered as alumni of the association and can join any of the international or national alumni networks.

  • Active involvement

    ELSA Groups can stay close to their alumni by inviting them to offer their knowledge, expertise and advice to the next generations, to attend or address ELSA events and activities, to become trainers and deliver trainings on soft or ELSA skills, to network with other alumni during social events.

The ELSA Lawyers Society (ELS)

Founded in 1991, the ELSA Lawyers Society (ELS) is the international alumni association of ELSA. ELS is a network of former ELSA members and officers to keep in touch with friends, to connect with legal professionals in Europe, to enhance the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and to support the ELSA Network and its projects.

Active membership

ELS is governed by the Assembly Meeting (AM), which is normally organised once a year, in conjunction with the autumn International Council Meeting of ELSA. The implementation of the decisions of the AM and the day-to-day management of ELS is in the hands of the Executive Committee (ExeC).

Finding speakers for seminars and conferences

Offering advice and expertise to the future ELSA generations

Providing a network of professional contacts

Funding and sponsoring projects and events

Delivering trainings on soft skills

Participating on the vision


One of the most important objectives of ELS is to support ELSA in different ways.

Scholarship for ELSA members

One of the most noteworthy recurrent contributions of ELS is the ELS Scholarships, which are funded by the ELS Trust. These scholarships are issued before every International Council Meeting of ELSA, in order for promising ELSA members to attend the ICM without having to pay participation fees.

National Alumni Societies

Get in touch with your former network.


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