ELSA Law Review

About the publication

The ELSA Law Review is an annual, student-edited and peer-reviewed law journal published by the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA).

The mission of the ELSA Law Review is to create a forum for the analysis and discussion of contemporary legal issues by serving as an avenue for the ELSA network to publish its academic work. It aims to provide law students and young lawyers, as well as the wider legal profession, with a source of critical commentary that is outside the scope of the typical legal curriculum.

The ELSA Law Review is a publication since 1989 and it used to be published twice per year until 1996. It was re-established in 2015.

What is the procedure of participation?
  • Submissions

    The Law Review does not restrict itself to a particular body of law but seeks contributions from all branches of the law, be it National, European or International. Submissions are welcome from all law students and young lawyers throughout the network and non-members out of Europe. Articles can be on any legal topic, provided they are between 3000-8000 words and comply with the OSCOLA legal citation style; case-notes of between 2000-3000 words are also welcome.

  • Review and selection period

    Before articles are published, submissions are firstly reviewed and pre-selected by the Editorial Board and then sent to the Academic Advisory Board, which consists of Professors and/ or researchers from associated Universities for further review. The finalist articles may be returned to the authors for revision. This rigorous review process which lasts approximately five to seven months guarantees that the published articles are of the highest academic quality. Among all submissions, only the best 10-15 articles are published.

The structure of the ELSA Law Review
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After the call for submissions for the new edition of the ELSA Law Review is launched, the authors are provided with time to contribute with their articles, essays, case notes etc.

Editorial Board

The Editorial board, consisting of students and young lawyers, provides feedback to the authors and pre-selects the articles that fulfill the basic quality standards.

Academic Advisory Board

Legal Professionals and Academics from Católica Global School of Law select the best articles that are going to be published in ELSA Law Review and provide the selected-to-be-published authors with academic feedback.

An international publication with contributions by law students and law practitioners from all over the world.

An opportunity to expand your legal knowledge and to exercise your legal writing skills and legal English.

Professional basis thanks to Católica Global School of Law as Academic Partner and Wolf Legal Publishers.

The effort is rewarded with the further results that the publication offers such as printing, citation with an International Standard Serial Number, availability in databases.

The ELSA Law Review focuses on the most topical contemporary legal issues.

With a network of 43 countries and professional contacts in countries out of Europe the ELSA Law Review succeeds in having a global reach.

Characteristics & Opportunities
I hope that participation in the ELSA Law Review, featuring fellow - and peer-reviewed articles, will allow an invaluable practical experience in legal writing, which will pay dividends later in the practice of law as well as in academia.
As the Secretary General of the Council of Europe and the Patron of ELSA, I welcome ELSA’s new initiative, and I look forward to many high-level and innovative contributions.
testimonial author
Thorbjørn Jagland
Secretary General of the Council of Europe
Get internationally published in a recognized journal
Contribute to the development of the legal community
It is in this spirit that I am fully supportive of the efforts and the ambition of ELSA in relaunching its law review and, by doing so, not only providing promising young thinkers an international forum to promote and test their ideas but also actively encouraging many students around our continent to start developing and articulating them. We count on these students, as we always do on the younger generations, to be diligent as well as creative, to be critical as well as constructive, to dare show us new possibilities and then, upon graduation if not before, start transforming them into reality.
testimonial author
José Manuel Barroso
Former President of the European Commission
Writing an article for the ELSA Law Review, what an exciting experience! You have the chance to write about the topic you are interested in, then you develop the initial idea, set the key points, rewrite it and then the final draft is something really different from what you have imagined. Nonetheless, you realise that the idea was not any different, just your knowledge on the topic got a lot better. In the end, every effort put is well repaid and the satisfaction in seeing your article published is priceless. Not less important, ELSA Law Review is available online and registered in ISSN system. Your paper, then, will be available for the public to read and putting a publication on your CV encourages employers to assess your knowledge and writing, increasing the chance for you to stand out of the crowd during selection procedure.
testimonial author
Claudio Piombo
Junior Associate
Reserve your seat in the academic world
Develop your skills
The participation to the ELSA Law Review guarantees that you obtained your personal academic business card, no matter which role you have in the project. The multiplier effect is visible in the enhancement of your legal knowledge, the exercise of your legal skills and the development of your soft skills that are necessary for the overall coordination of the project. If you want to differentiate in the competitive legal world, invest in something that proves concretely your effort.
testimonial author
Antonia Markoviti
Vice President for Academic Activities of ELSA International 2015/16
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If you are interested in submitting an article or contributing to the project, please contact us at legalpublications@elsa.org.