Human Rights Campaign


Each year, the ELSA Network organises a Europe-wide Human Rights Campaign falling under ELSA’s International Focus Programme. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness on the importance of human rights protection and create a forum for the voice of law students and young lawyers across Europe.

Freedom of Expression Online

In 2019/2020, ELSA is organising an information campaign on the importance of Freedom of Expression Online by looking into media freedom, misinformation and online data protection among others.

Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights

In 2020/2021, the ELSA Network will dedicate its attention to the interplay between artificial intelligence and human rights to highlight issues caused by i.a. processing of large data group and discriminatory algorithms. Stay tuned!

  • Survey

    ELSA launches an awareness survey to examine the knowledge of students and youth across Europe on the topic. 

  • Video

    A video is created to engage the entire ELSA Network and raise awareness on the topic. 

  • Webinar

    During the annual webinar with the Council of Europe, ELSA presents the results of the survey and the legal background thereof is discussed.

  • Research Group

    An International Legal Research Group will analyse the results of the survey and compare legislation across Europe on the topic.

  • Law Review

    The ELSA Law Review is a student-edited and peer-reviewed journal which is published bi-annually and accepts submissions on human rights law.

  • Report

    The results of the survey and the expert comments are published in a report.

  • Traineeships

    Traineeships will be offered to ELSA members in the field of human rights law.

  • Events of the Network

    Throughout the ELSA Network, ELSA Groups organise Law Schools, Conferences, Competitions, Webinars and much more to honour the human rights focus.

  • Concluding Report

    All results and impact are gathered in a concluding report.

The ELSA Day

As part of ELSA’s Human Rights Campaign, the Network each year comes together on ELSA Day. This is a unique human rights forum of coordinated events where the Network discusses national and international standards of protection and implementation of human rights.


The forum is united under the banner “all different, all together, the idea falling back on ELSA’s Vision.


ELSA Day was held for the first time on 20 March 2013. There have been different specific themes since its introduction:


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